Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dedalus 'New and Selected' poetry titles now on Kindle

A number of Dedalus Press New and Selected poetry titles are now available for the first time on Amazon's Kindle platform. 

They include, Even So: New and Selected Poems by Mark Roper; To Ring in Silence: New and Selected Poems by Paddy Bushe and Groundswell: New and Selected Poems by Patrick Deeley. Also included in the latest ebook releases is Leland Bardwell's seminal short story collection, Different Kinds of Love, reissued last year to considerable acclaim.

More titles to follow. And don't forget that our groundbreaking ebook anthology Airborne: Poetry from Ireland is available on Apple's iBooks platform and features selected texts in audio format read by their authors as well as an extensive overview of the work of the Dedalus Press.

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