Monday, September 10, 2012

New Dedalus Press Website and Podcast RSS

We're very happy to announce a complete (if subtle, ie background) makeover of the Dedalus Press website, which will allow us to add and update content on a more regular basis and also make it easier for us to offer occasional special offers and promotions of new and backlist titles.

During the changeover we had no choice but to relocate the audio and other files for our AudioRoom: New Writing from Ireland podcast. Apple has kindly redirected the link from their iTunes store, but existing subscribers (and of course new subscribers) might like to avail of the new feed, either by visiting the AudioRoom page on iTunes here, or by subscribing through their favourite browser direct here.

The podcast hasn't been updated in some time, while this changeover was being set in place, but we'll be adding new content now on a more regular basis.

"An invaluable new dimension on the Irish studies front", The Irish Times called the first iteration of our AudioRoom, but we hope future episodes will appeal equally to a wider, non-academic audience. Do consider helping us spread the word: poetry matters.

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