Monday, March 09, 2009

Crazy Dog Audio Theatre / Gerry Murphy on YouTube

One of the most exciting developments for Dedalus last year, certainly with regard to reaching new audiences, was the production of Poet Laureate of the People's Republic of Cork, Crazy Dog Audio Theatre's spirited stage adaptation of the poetry of Gerry Murphy, which premiered at the Cork Jazz Festival back in October, to glowing reviews and demands for a re-run.

The good news is that the show will now receive a week-long run in June 2009 at the Everyman Palace Theatre in Cork, and we hope to see it travel to Dublin and further afield in due course.

CDAT will shortly issue a DVD of the original performance and has just posted on the internet eight short poems from the production which features live actors and musicians -- among them CDAT's own multi-talented Roger Gregg.

The high-quality clips are to be found on YouTube, either by searching for Crazy Dog Audio Theatre / Gerry Murphy, or by clicking here.

For further information on Crazy Dog Audio Theatre, visit their website here.

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