Monday, February 18, 2008

Michael Augustin features on Guardian's Poem of the Week

Work by the German poet Michael Augustin, whose selected volume Mickle Makes Muckle was published last year by Dedalus, has been chosen for the Poem of the Week slot, edited by Carol Rumens, on The Guardian Unlimited web site,

"Comic poems that rely neither on rhyme nor a skilful performance for their effects are still comparatively rare in these islands," writes Rumens. "So it was refreshing to discover, while browsing Ireland's Dedalus Press web site, Michael Augustin's wryly witty free-verse sequence 'Some Questions Regarding Poems'."

The full text of Rumens' warmly appreciative piece may be found here.

Further info on, and extracts from, Mickle Makes Muckle, may be found on the Dedalus Press web site here.

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