Monday, May 22, 2006

Excellent Reviews of recent Dedalus Press titles

Two recent Dedalus Press titles have received excellent reviews in the Irish Times in recent weeks.

Of Iggy McGovern's debut collection, The King of Suburbia, James J McAuley wrote: "So long as the poems are as snazzy, and sharply focused, and ingeniously rhymed as Iggy McGovern's one-pagers in The King of Suburbia, we can't complain... We could do with a whole lot more of this kind of well-turned verse and sharply-observed ironies."

Of Dolores Stewart's Presence of Mind, Fiona Sampson wrote: "Beautifully exact, these poems wear their undoubted intelligence lightly. This is a book of real substance, which deserves to be widely-read."

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